February 1, 2016

A Tuesday Lunch {Part 2: The Talks}

We came to the conclusion that in just 5-6 months, life changed. It was ludicrous that it also changed our gesture, and even our facial expression. In just 5-6 months, we've experienced new life routine without family--far away from parents--and the struggle to live every single day because sometimes, things happened the way we never expected. Sometimes, things happened the way we didn't ever wish to be turned like so. Sometimes, we need to cope with the loves we really want but didn't come on way, and to cope with the loves we didn't want, but came circulated instead.

We faced anxiety that our hard work would not come to success. And although we knew that confusing about tomorrow would just gave zero result, we still did it. Somehow, this stage of life gives the scariest thoughts and also prettiest dreams about future. Where people stated that your work realm would not even suit your subject at college, we're still wondering, "Is that true?" or "How if that eventually happens?" or "How if it was wrong?"

But then the sun laid on the cafe's terrace, and we knew that we were happy already with the foods and drinks we consumed {though Anggi found that it gave her a rather queasiness}, and so somehow we knew that things would eventually became better, we then smiled and just giggled about those things.

{To be continued to part 3...}

January 10, 2016

A Tuesday Lunch {Part 1: The Meet Up}

It was our first meet-up in 2016. We took place at Royale Cafe Bogor {because actually we were confused to choose where to meet and so Tin suggested this place because she wanted to try their famous doughnut milkshake}. After about 5-6 months not seeing each other due to the different cities we take for uni, it was such a relief and amusement to look what we had done and what things has changed after all.

We saw that our style has changed, compared to the last when we were still in high school. Tin thought that Anggi's face differed, like quite, and Anggi couldn't deny it because she also found that something, a little or substantial, has changed in her face. Anyhow Anggi thought that Tin's hair was now different, in spite of Tin's rejection that, "My hair has been like this ever since."

"So, how was your 2015?" Anggi started the conversation about how funny time passed by. Tin answered by a rather concise word, and some giggles, "Busy." And then it started another long conversation about the roller coaster of 2015--about our study, about the story of our new living space whether in Bandung or in Jakarta, and undeniably, about some witty love stories we underwent.

{To be continued to part 2...}

May 22, 2015

Not in the recent

So as you may have guessed from the title, these pictures are taken not in the recent.
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