July 21, 2014

Those Vintage Moments

Sometimes, we looked back to our old photos and sometimes, they broke our heart by the beauty of memories they left. Through old photographs, we see how our hair has changed, how our postures, faces, eyes, lips--everything, have changed. Including the moment, the feeling of the time. Don't you think about what you thought when the photo was taken? And when you remember it, you'll realize how many things you had done, and how many things had passed.

Somehow it's like remembering the lyrics of your old favorite song. As you sing along, out of nowhere the moment you've forgotten suddenly comes alive. All the memories are scattered in front of you in the form of puzzle pieces, but still, a part of you isn't sure that it isn't just a dream.That's when you realize that you're meeting your past self at present.

Sometimes it's sad, sometimes it's relaxing, sometimes it's depressing, sometimes it's funny. And sometimes we can't even find a right word to describe the feeling except for 'nostalgic'. Remember about our old life ritual which now has changed--doesn't it make you feel something?

June 27, 2014

The Spirit Of Batik

Batik is one of Indonesia's biggest traditional art and beauty which has the uniqueness in its every single detail. There are many kinds of Batik--depending on the region such as provinces and also tribes. As Indonesians, we're proud to wear Batik especially for formal occasions, such as The Independence Day. Indonesia's Independence Day is held on August 17 and usually our school throws an event to celebrate it. At the time, we were told to wear Batik as the dress code. This is a rare occasion because usually we just wore uniform to school.

A few years ago, Batik was a "no" for teenagers. It is a traditional art and there were lots of youths who thought that everything that has to do with tradition is for elders only. Of course it was a misconception. People who are concerned about this issue put so much effort to change the wrong views. Fortunately their effort is paid off. Lately Batik is considered as something stylish and elegant.

So, let's learn the different between traditional and old-fashioned.

June 13, 2014

Still Reminiscing

Yes we're still with the 3-years-ago-Farewell-Party and people may ask why--why are you still reminiscing?

Some people think that reminiscing is a kind of stupid-melancholy-drowning-activity which can only cause stress and other useless things in life. Well it's not completely true. You can never tell if a person becomes bad or good by reminiscing. It's a pure self control and perspective of life.

They said that the present is all you have to deal with, because we live in this moment, not in the past or the future. But, reminiscing doesn't mean that we don't live in the present, right? As long as we do it right, we're not underestimating the present. Reminiscing is a part of living the present, because by reminiscing we will be able to see the good and bad side of our experience and so we can grow--not just live. It may also give good effect for the future by the positiveness we get from reminiscing.

When you walk, you don't always have to look straight forward. When you're tired, it's not wrong to stop and look back. You'll see how far you've walked. And instead of holding you back from continuing your journey, hopefully reminiscing would remind you of how strong you were. Yes, hopefully it would make you stronger.

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