Friday, April 18, 2014

Flower On Your Head

She got flower on her head. Regina made this around 3 years ago, and it was such a great moment to plant it on Tin's head ha! Tin was not the kind of girl who wears feminine stuffs, but something made by Regina was surely an exception for her.
Regina made one for herself too, and wearing the flowers together that day made us feel closer. It was a nice moment we shared on a Saturday afternoon of our junior high school life.
Reposting this photo is definitely something nostalgic to us. This reminds us of how simple {and complicated at the same time} our friendship is. No, we do not need to buy each other expensive things. Cause even the simplest thing in life is enough to show our gratitude towards each other. Give your love to celebrate your friendship--it's the most precious thing you can give to your friend.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Black Power

Black doesn't always look sad--for many times, it also shows power of ability in the quiet moments. People use black outfits to go to the cemetery for the condolence symbol, but actually it represents nothing. Many dead people want their deaths to be celebrated as their new phase to better lives. Most of us don't know that sometimes black also tells that something is in power, is in its climax, is on fire. May we embrace colors more by feeling it.

Monday, March 31, 2014

The first record of what had happened

They said that memory is the most important thing to be kept in our heart. We renew some things, but the past cannot be forgotten, though we already flew far away from it. These are some of our memories--first memories of this blog and some funny random memories of our Junior High School moments. At the time, maybe we were still childlike, still had more closed opinion than we had now, and we definitely had smaller amount of knowledge. But what we're thankful for now is that even two years after these photos were taken, we are still with each other and still walking on the days--counting till they are countless. Things may get rough, but we know that eventually, everything will be more than alright. So, in this introduction post of our new blog concept, we want to say thank you to our friends who are always being patient and supporting. Now, since we see things with different lenses, we'll fill this blog with varied things also. Hope you enjoy, and stay tune for our new posts!

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