August 13, 2014


Remember about our childhood when everything was so enchanting? Well not that 'everything', but things like leaves, grass, and even brick wall were so delighting. When we grew up, we started focusing on the 'only matter' things. At the end of the day, something was always felt like missing from the life routine. Looking back to the old-charming days, knowing that childhood moments need to be gotten back by some ways is a usual thoughts.

August 3, 2014

The Beginning Of Senior Year

We entered our last year of high school! It's kind of a difficult combination of feelings--you're glad that you've graduated from the previous phase and now heading to something big, but on the other hand you realize that this is the last year for you to wear school uniform, the last year of the years you spend on school.

Thousands, and maybe millions things that we had done turned into memories. Maybe we still remember our first day of school when we were just 4 or 5 years old. Still a tiny-innocent creature who didn't even know what 'school' really was. As the years passed by and we grew up, suddenly we knew and learned about the world--which is full of its sweetness and its bitters. Still on the mind when we first learned about special relationships and about the spirit of hard work even when you felt you were about to die. Often, we think about why do we have to learn all those things. Why do we have to be thrown into such world?

School is an unforgettable place. We think maybe that's why people reunite with their old school friends, why people miss school and especially high school so much. School may have recorded 70% of our teenage life, with the loves and adventures in it. Many people met their first love at school, many broke their heart at school, many found their turning point at school, and many other withered at school. Everything could happen in the 14 years of school life, in the 6 or 3 years of high school period. Because seriously, where else did you learn about those jerk-handsome-player-overwhelming boys?

Of course, there were some days when going to school really sucks. Tests, homework, screwy teachers, social life, pressures, and any other tiring things. Parents used to say like, "Just enjoy it. You'll miss all of them when after you graduate." At the end we learned that things are already placed in their own places. It's okay to be annoyed with school, but what else we can do except to enjoy it? It's okay to miss school life when you've graduated, but what else you can do except to reminisce and cherish it?

The most difficult fact that we have to admit is that this is the time when we are somehow forced to make our own important decisions. This is the time when we are required to choose and make our own futures. What if we make wrong choices? That scares most of us. There's always a way out though, but still, we have to take responsibility. We're young yet still have to deal with the risk of losing our time, and losing ourselves.

This senior year, our last year in high school, may become the most tiring year of school, but that's what we call 'phase'. Let's pass this phase alive, throw the tears if it is needed, spread the loves in the air, and it's okay to smile mischievously to the freshmen {kidding}.

July 21, 2014

Those Vintage Moments

Sometimes, we looked back to our old photos and sometimes, they broke our heart by the beauty of memories they left. Through old photographs, we see how our hair has changed, how our postures, faces, eyes, lips--everything, have changed. Including the moment, the feeling of the time. Don't you think about what you thought when the photo was taken? And when you remember it, you'll realize how many things you had done, and how many things had passed.

Somehow it's like remembering the lyrics of your old favorite song. As you sing along, out of nowhere the moment you've forgotten suddenly comes alive. All the memories are scattered in front of you in the form of puzzle pieces, but still, a part of you isn't sure that it isn't just a dream.That's when you realize that you're meeting your past self at present.

Sometimes it's sad, sometimes it's relaxing, sometimes it's depressing, sometimes it's funny. And sometimes we can't even find a right word to describe the feeling except for 'nostalgic'. Remember about our old life ritual which now has changed--doesn't it make you feel something?

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